Sainte-Jalle and the valley of the Ennuyé

Vallée de l'Ennuyé

According to her habit,our 2cv-o’live will desert the traffic in search of adventure along smaller tracks and cross streets. When at Sainte-Jalle, a typical Provence village, you will be attracted by Notre Dame de Beauvert, one of the finest middle- Age churches in Drôme.

From there, thanks to a special circular by-pass, we are to discover what the orchards and more general polyculture are made of. We are in the Ennuyé valley, the Ennuyé (= Bored !) being the river, not the people ! We will run through some villages : Saint-Sauveur Gouvernet, Tarendol, the latter very famous as the Nyons novelist René Barjavel : chose the village name to give it to his eponymous hero as first name.
From the Poet Sigillat, an astoundingly high perched village, you will discover a new, exceptional panorama eastwards.
Then to the classical way back to Nyons.

Lengh : 2 hours
Price : 80 euros

By phone

  • With Office de tourisme du Pays de Nyons : 04 75 26 10 35
  • Directly with Karl : 06 41 31 60 32

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