Around Angèle mountain

Chaudebonne au pied d'Angèle

Angèle mountain is the Pays de Nyons highest point, i. e. 1606 m. at the Merlu. Our choice is to drive round it from left to right so as to fully discover and enjoy the wild beauty of its virgin territories. (For this trip we cover 5 mountain passes.)

First from Nyons to les Pilles along the left bank of the river Eygues, then turning towards Condorcet. If the road is rather wide until Condorcet, it rapidly gets narrower along the Bentrix before reaching Saint-Ferréol-Thirty-Steps, which is the real South starting point of a complete tour round Angèle.

We will go on until we reach Chaudebonne at the bottom of a valley. This place strongly conveys the impression of a cul-de-sac and makes it quite impossible for you to imagine there is a way to go out further on !

However, Karl and his 2 CV will find the track to Chaudebonne pass over Villeperdrix and the terraced landscape covered with orchards and olive groves. Then we will keep to the high ways heading for Léoux and La Pertie Pass, enjoying several magnificent views over the Eygues valley. From up there, as we round a bend, we may be lucky enough to see deer or chamois living on Angèle. Not a very rare opportunity !

The third pass of the excursion is now near at hand. It is on the North side of Angèle, its name being Pré Guittard Pass. Next one is Lescou Pass, from where we will go along the river Roubion down to the somewhat sunk village called Bouvières. But we will have to run up again and drive over the 5th pass, La Sausse Pass, 791 m. high, on Angèle West versant . The drive down to Saint Ferréol is very impressing, namely in the Thirty-Steps Gorge, but Angèle circuit is now coming to an end.

Back to Nyons along the right bank of the river Eygues and, just for pleasure, the crossing over the Pont Roman once in Nyons, this final bit of the trip as our last contribution to dreamy recollections.

Lengh : 3 heures
Price : 85 euros

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  • with Office de tourisme du Pays de Nyons : 04 75 26 10 35
  • Directly by Karl : 06 41 31 60 32

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