Buis-les-Baronnies and the old villages


Once more, we will choose smaller roads and by-passes, our aim being Sainte Jalle and Notre Dame de Beauvert, its superb Middle Age church. Then up the Ey pass, 718 m. high, followed by swinging down to Buis les Baronnies and the Ouvèze valley where you will be told that quite a lot of villages have left their previous, high position to move down to the valley.

Once more, we prefer to run across old villages : Propiac, Mérindol-les-Oliviers, Faucon, Piégon), which enables us to have a complete, marvellous view over the orchards, olive groves and vineyards of the valley down below. Quite a few peculiarities all along the itinerary to Mirabel aux Baronnies, such as the gentle slopes to Villedieu (literally God Town) covered with vineyards of the best quality.
Running through Vinsobres and its famous vine soil is a must before back to Nyons on small village roads at close proximity of Montagne de la Broche.

Lengh : 3 hours
Price : 85 euros

By phone

  • With Office de tourisme du Pays de Nyons : 04 75 26 10 35
  • Directly with Karl : 06 41 31 60 32

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