Wide open, wild spaces


For this excursion, please, open your eyes as much as you possibly can and keep them wide open as we will run across multiple, widely varied, unique landscapes.
We will leave Nyons along the river Eygues and the Crapon track, reaching Les Pilles through a narrow passage-way between the first village houses. From there to Montaulieu (literally : Climb to the Place), a perched village as you must have guessed…

Then we will rather run on the track starting from Saint-Aubanet hamlet than choose the valley route. And up to the Lautons Pass, 742m. high. Wild and wonderful nature at its best, with wide open surroundings that will take you out of your usual element in an absolute, fascinating way.

Once you have left the Pass, the track goes on to Le Serre de Chante Perdrix (literally : Singing partridges) and just out of a bend, you discover first a beautiful small village called Rochebrune (Brown Rock), then the whole extend of L’ennuyé valley with its wide range of fruit and rural products, such as cherries, apricots, almonds, cereals, lavender, lime blossom, plus stock-farming. All of them you can see more closely at the Gardiole Farm where the people’s welcome is particularly hearty.

The trip goes on, through several hamlets and villages dotting the valley. We realise we are at the heart of an area rich in history and talents. You will no longer forget the names of those Provençal places : Bésignac, Saint-Sauveur-Gouvernet, Bellecombe, Tarendol, Le Poët-Sigillat and, last but not least, Sainte-Jalle. We will follow the Ennuyé river until the flowing into the Eygues, and after Gournier, we will run side to side on the Eygues left bank. Time to back to Nyons and civilization !

Lengh: 3 hours
Price : 110euros

By phone

With Office de tourisme du Pays de Nyons : 04 75 26 10 35
Directly with Karl : 06 41 31 60 32

By e-mail (one day before)

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