Baronnies seen from the sky

Gorges de Saint-May
Saint-May gorge. Picture : M. Lefèvre


Time for the 2 CV to spread out its wings, run faster and faster and eventually take off into the sky ? Not quite, but this excursion will take you to La Motte Chalancon altiport de la Chau.
First along the Eygues valley and through the gorge of Sainte-May tunneled into solid rock, to the river Oule valley.
At the confluence where it flows into the Eygues river, under Caire rock, there lies Rémuzat with its vultures flying and nesting (very) high up. Then, from Rémuzat to Cornillon and Le Pas des Ondes, with the vast open air stretch of water and the mountains round it. And finally to La Motte Chalancon altiport.

On advance reservation straight toaltiport (04 75 28 71 90) or pilot(04 75 27 20 49)you can enjoy a 30 min. flight planned in a 4 place plane..

After the flight or back from the place, we will take a different route running round Angèle mountain and winding among hills, mountainous areas and very isolated villages, including 790 to 914 m. high passes.

How long ? : 2 heures
How much ? : 90 € + prix du vol

By phone

  • With Office de tourisme du Pays de Nyons : 04 75 26 10 35
  • Directly with Karl : 06 41 31 60 32

By e-mail (one day before)

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We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your reservation.