The big tour of Angèle mountain

Rochebrune entre les feuillages

Why not a combination of two itineraries Les grands espaces sauvages et Le tour d’Angèle. This 5 hr long excursion will give you a complete overview of Pays de Nyons.

You will leave the Town Center and follow the river Eygues, run along the Crapon track and reach the Pilles village through
a narrow passage way between the first houses. Then up to Montaulieu (literally : Climb to the Spot), a perched village as you have certainly guessed.

Then, rather than driving along the small road that stretches at the bottom of the valley, we will choose the track to Saint- Aubanet and onwards to the Lentons Pass (Col des Lentons), 742 m. high. Up there, deep in wild nature, you really feel you have been transplanted into another world.

Then, on the track again, to Chanteperdrix (can you hear the partridges singing ?). And there, just out of a bend, you suddenly discover both Rochebrune (alias Brown Rock), a small charming village, and the whole of the river l’Ennuyé valley at full extent with its enormous variety of rural production : fruit such as cherries, apricots, almonds, etc., cereal cultivation, lavender fields, lime trees, vineyards and stock farming. All of them you can see and/or taste on a stop and rest at the Gardiole
farm where you will be welcome in a particularly cheerful atmosphere.

Back to the road, we will run across various hamlets and villages dotting the valley. We realize we are at the very heart of a historically rich, gifted and talented area. You will never forget Provence places such as Besignan, Saint-Sauveur-Gouvernet or Bellecombe-Tarrendol, Le Poët-Sigillat and Sainte-Jalle of course.

Next, we will follow the Ennuyé river until it flows into the Eygues and, once Gournier is behind us, we will run side by side with the Eygues river on its left bank. Then to Condorcet. The road is wide enough at the beginning, but gets more and more narrow along the Bentrix. However it does not disappear end we will easily reach Saint-Ferréol-Trente-Pas, the South starting point of Angèle Round About journey.

When coming from St-Ferréol to Chaudebonne (Hot and good), you cannot help being invaded by a strong impression : this is a cul-de-sac. No, there is a track towards Chaudebonne Pass, over Villeperdrix (Partridge Town), among olive grooves and orchards growing on terraced “restanques” (a specific name in Provençal language). We will keep high and head for Léoux and La Pertie Pass.
This stretch of the itinerary is rich in splendid overviews over the Eygues valley.

It is not seldom moreover that you are lucky enough to come across deers or chamois living on Angèle.

Now up to the third pass : the Pré Guittard pass on Angèle North versant, and later on, the Lescou Pass from where it is easy to go down to the river Roubion and valley, with Bouvières, a village located in a low dip in the ground. But we go on and climb again to the fifth pass, the La Sausse Pass, 791 m. high, on the West side of Angèle.

A last impressing stretch is awaiting us : the Trente-Pas (thirty feet) Gorge.

Now the Angèle Round Tour is over. Back to Nyons on a more direct way, along the right bank of the Eygues river. When in Nyons, just for pleasure and to add a happy end to the excursion, we will choose to drive over the Pont Roman on our way back to arrival point.

How long ? : 5 heures
How cost ? : 140 euros

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  • Directly with Karl : 06 41 31 60 32

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